MBA draws from the lives and experiences of individuals. Here’s an unending list, appended as my course progresses of a list of recommendations outside the purview of the textbook used by my course facilitators and peers for asynchronous learning.


2. Coach Carter

3. Shawshank Redemption

4. Inception

5. Jobs


2. Thinking Fast and Slow

3. Why I am Paying More?

TED Talks

YouTube Videos

Personality Tests

There are 3 financial statements you should know about when you begin your Finance journey. These throw light on different areas of the business and are needed together to give you an idea of the business of a company.

Ever since I read Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things, I have had a little ploy of my own. To write as she did. Of flora and fauna. To weave magic with words of the magic outside. While I am unable to rate my efforts, I am glad I tried.

There’s a spot. That’s my spot. At the end of the rectangular green patch that the main entrance opens into is an old jasmine tree that blooms throughout the year. The clustered flowers always find their way on the thatched grass on the ground. The grass as it covers…

Film Poster

Rohena Gera’s Is Love Enough? Sir was the last movie I watched. At the end of a whirlwind work-day, the slow-paced Tillotama-Vivek starrer was all I needed. There wasn’t much happening in the movie in terms of plotlines and twists. It had a silence that spoke. Ashwin and his domestic help, Ratna’s.

I liked the way the story is built. There are layers that unfold. She is seen wearing glass bangles. I was intrigued from right then to know more about them. Sure, as well, they are central to Ratna’s joy and the story. To me, they represent her being…

I first came across Sudhir Sitapati with ‘The CEO Factory’, an insightful and entertaining book on HUL, its marketing, and leadership practices. Sudhir has written a bunch of more books dealing with several realms of management in a mini blockbuster series offered by Juggernaut. He is probably the reason I intend to purchase the Juggernaut Reader’s Club subscription as the gamut isn’t available anywhere else.

This post is a summary of HR Lessons from Hindustan Unilever and aims to be a compendium of Sitapati’s brilliant insights. At a “Who Moved My Cheese” length, the book is concise and profound. It…

The High Priestess Never Marries by Sharanya Manivannan

Imagine picking up a book, assuming it to be something, but it turns out to be something else? I assumed Sharanya Manivannan’s The High Priestess Never Marries: Stories of Love and Consequence would be an empowering take on modern day women across the social spectrum and their agency in matters of love and thereafter.

It wasn’t.

The protagonists much like the theme run unified throughout the book — melancholic, complicated women mostly on a self-destructive rather than pragmatic streak and finding salvation in self. The women have agency, but I was perhaps looking for wider milieu of emotions…

Nick, Yuletide and the Year That Was

Christmas is around the corner. I remember what I used to do for Christmas as a child.

Make a card.

Write a wish.

Put it underneath my pillow on Christmas eve.

Hope for it to come true.

Only it never did.

My Barbie, my Beyblade, my encyclopedias — all came into my life sooner or later. Just not on Christmas. Just not delivered by Santa. Or Rudolph. Or Santa chauffeured by Rudolph. Or a Santa impersonator.

And yet I made merry.

Making lemonades on a wintry day.

As a young kid, disappointment and heartaches were only as transient as fast…

Starting this self-reflecting nostalgic series to talk about everything that moves me and gets me thinking.

Tread with me as we together rumble through the rambles.

Internet, My Kind Friend

Ever saw a post that claimed, otherwise? I hope not. This is an attention game, and this girl on the internet wants it as well. This girl, in addition to, the hokum that is social media when it ain’t giving meaning to the influenza’s life. More filling the voids of your own. Like a mindless activity, you did as you commuted in the days of yore or in the middle of an office call…

*As an ally, I am cognizant that my views are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the needs and aspirations of the LGBTQIA+ community in our country and I only hope that we move towards greater inclusivity in the years to come*

The Google Doodle

Social media has provided a voice to one and all. Increasingly, we see companies trying to align with popular narratives to enhance their public perception and woo customers.

At a time when women are accused of being bra-burning feminazis, it is important to realise that not everyone comes from this seeming place of privilege or equality. Nikhil Bhat’s Rasbhari definitely does not. With an underlying women seeking liberation through sexual freedom theme, this could be Prime’s rustic counterpart of the sophisticated Four More Shots.

Rasbhari is a story of an adolescent Nand’s infatuation with his English teacher who is new to the city. Nand, brilliantly portrayed by Ayushman Saxena, much like all the men in UP’s Meerut is fixated with the sari-clad Swara Bhasker and desires to…

Shreya Ishani

Finding words to say all that I ever want to. Curious about everything under the Sun, including the Sun.

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